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Product Updates: April 2019
Product Updates: April 2019

Notes on everything released in the month of April.

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New Incident Reports for Theft, Property Damage, and Equipment Damage or Failure

Available for all users 

On top of already supporting injuries and near misses, we've updated incident reports to support theft, property damage, and equipment failure or damage. Now, when you create an incident report you can select any one of these as an option or even log more than one onto a single incident report.

  • When creating an equipment failure or equipment damage report, tag a piece of equipment that's already managed in Safesite or document a new piece of equipment that was damaged or failed

  • For property damage reports, document the property owner along with description of damage and cause of damage

  • For theft incident reports, document the theft description and if a piece of equipment was stolen, tag the missing equipment

Click here to read more about creating incident reports on our mobile app.

Mobile app:

Admin dashboard changes (desktop):

OSHA 300 Log -- Add serious injuries and export the yearly log as an XLS file

Available for all admins on the web app.

We've created a digital and highly dynamic version of the OSHA 300 Log. As you can see in the screenshot below, every project now has an OSHA 300 Log tab within the Incidents section. This Log will consist of any Incident with type Injury that occurred for a given year. By default, the screen will open to the current year and display all Injuries that were logged for that project. 

As shown in the screenshots below, you can export a XLS file of your OSHA log but toggling ON the specific incidents you want on the Log and then clicking DOWNLOAD OSHA LOG. Go give it a try!

Weekly Actions Summary -- Hover over %% to view counters of total actions completed compared to actions required 

Available for all admins on the web app.

If so choose, on a particular project or group, pin point the total amount of total actions completed / total actions required by hovering over any %. Weekly Actions Summary. For example in the screenshot below, for Observations, all personnel on the project completed a total of 25 actions out of the 44 actions required resulting in a total 57%.

Project & Group Dashboards -- Enhanced date Range selectors 

Available for all admins on the web app.

Since the heatmaps, reports, and weekly actions all follow the Monday - Sunday week, we've changed the date range selector within the Safety HQ dashboards to default to This week. We're also stating the dates next to the selector so you know exactly what you're looking at. 

Hazard Reports -- Time, Day, and Resolved By fields

Available for all admins on the web app  

As you can see on the screenshot below hazard exports, both multiple and individual exports, now include the Date, Time, and Personnel who resolved.

As always, send us feedback at [email protected]

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