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Product Updates: November 2018
Product Updates: November 2018

Notes on everything released in the month of November.

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Completely revamped Project Dashboard!

One of the first things you'll notice when you log into the Safesite web-app ( is a brand new Project Dashboard. We knew the one we had before just wasn't cutting it, it lacked accountability on the personnel level and the Safesite Score was far from easy to understand. So we went to the drawing board with our team, armed with ample customer feedback, and completely redesigned the Project Dashboard.

New features include:

  • Easy to understand Safesite score explainer (click "How do I improve this?")

  • A new Leaderboard feature that allows you to view and rank personnel progress on an individual level

  • A new screen dedicated to breaking down the Safesite Score 

  • Revamped Open List that shows critical Hazards and Open Incidents

Want to learn more about the Project Dashboard? Click here to read an article that goes into further detail about each and every Project Dashboard feature.

New: Group Dashboard

In the past, we had groups but didn't have an easy way to analyze them all at once --- which is why we've introduced the Group Dashboard. An easier tool to manage and analyze all projects inside a group. Similar to the Project Dashboard, the Group Dashboard features a Safesite score explainer, a Project Leaderboard, and a dedicated page breaking down the Safesite Score. We kept this first version fairly simple and would love to hear your feedback as we prioritize what to build next.

Want to learn more about the Group Dashboard? Click here to read an article that goes into more detail about each and every Group Dashboard feature.

Terminology: Goodbye "Quotas", hello "Weekly Actions"
Some of you may have noticed, but after weeks of internally deliberating, we've changed "Quotas" to "Weekly Actions". This is simply a terminology change, it does not affect any actions or data in the past or present.

Reports: Weekly/Monthly enhancements
We did some behind the scenes work on Weekly and Monthly Reports to improve and enhance the data shown on them. 

Some of these changes include:

  • Incidents now appear on the Group reports 

  • Improved Weekly Action accuracy

As always, send us feedback at [email protected]

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