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Product Updates: October 2018
Product Updates: October 2018

Notes on everything released in the month of October.

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Expiration Dates for Equipment Inspection & Personnel Certificates now on the Daily Summary 

We realize many of you utilize our equipment and personnel certificate feature, yet we weren't notifying about their upcoming expiration dates. So we went ahead and updated the daily summary to show equipment inspection dates and personnel certificate expirations on the daily summary. In the near future, we'll make an admin-only daily summary since we realize there's some project and personnel info only an admin should see.  *certificate expiry information will be provided on the report 30 days prior to expiration.  

Manage your Daily Summary preferences

If you scroll down to the bottom of a Daily Summary email, you'll notice a new blue 'UNSUBSCRIBE' button. Tapping this button will take you to a screen where you can manage which projects send you a Daily Summary email.

Export all pages of a Safety Item Report

When you navigate to a safety item's Reports page, clicking an 'EXPORT' button will now export ALL pages of the report. Prior to this change, only the current page you were viewing would be exported.

Improved weekly/monthly reports

A couple of you told us you had issues exporting weekly and monthly reports, so we starting investigating the issue. Low and behold, there was a limitation where our system could only send reports up to 10MB in size. That's not good enough. So we went ahead and completely overhauled the weekly/monthly reports to handle the largest reports. You should no longer have issues when you send Weekly or Monthly reports.

Timestamps on all reports

Accuracy is of the utmost importance when it comes to reporting and we realize our reports missed a very important piece -- TIME. You'll now see all Reporting pages have a timestamp appended to the end of the reporting date.

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