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Product Updates: August 2018
Product Updates: August 2018

Notes on everything released in the month of August.

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Invite multiple personnel to one or more projects via 1 simple screen

In the previous versions you had to invite new personnel --> wait for them to accept the invite --> and then add them to multiple projects. Now, admins can invite multiple personnel to multiple projects all at once. Org admins can do this by navigating to Organization --> Personnel --> Add New User --> Enter user email(s) --> Select Projects --> Invite!

Click here to watch our Help Center video that steps you through this new change.

Unresolved Hazard Action Cards for all Team members

When you assign a hazard to a specific team, all team members will now open their app and see an 'Unresolved Hazard' action card. Hazard resolution made easy!

Mobile app tour

We've added a brief slideshow tutorial that better explains how Quotas and Action Cards work. Users will see this upon first sign up or by navigating to Settings - Tour.

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