Inspections -- New & Improved Template Editor

Available for all users on the web app

We've completed revamped our Inspection Template Editor to support the features below. Want to learn more? Read this article about template management.

  • New: Sections -- Inspections can now have Sections with an option to Skip an entire section.
  • New: Answer types -- Inspection templates now support more answer types such as Safe/Unsafe and Pass/Fail. See below all the newest answer types that a question can support.
  • New: Logic -- Before this change, all questions answered with a X/NO were required to attach a Hazard. In this new update an admin can choose if a follow up action is required and specify which action to require.
  • New: Hyperlinks -- Questions can now have hyperlinks to OSHA regulations, standards, and other relevant information

Observations -- Analysis -- Negative & Positive 'Count by Location' pie charts now added

Available for all users on the web app

Log in to the Safesite dashboard (app.safesitehq,com) then click Observations -- Analysis -- and observe we've added pie charts to see the count of Positive & Negative Observations by Location.

Meetings -- Reports -- Comments now visible in PDF exports

Available for all usersĀ 

A minor fix with important ramifications. We realize when you export a Meeting Report PDF the text entered in the comment fields were not being shown in the PDF. As shown in the screenshot below, we've made changes to now show all the text for a given answer.

Make sure to update your Safesite app so you have the latest changes and send any product feedback to [email protected]

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