The Safesite score is a grading system that helps you quantify your personnel's safety performance and engagement within the Safesite App. The score is presented from A to D and is generated for projects via the Projects Dashboard and groups via the Groups Dashboard

How is the Safesite Score calculated?

In order for a safety program to be successful you'll need to engage all of your personnel.  Make sure to add your employees to Safesite and assign them to the project(s) they will be active on.  For example,  adding Jim to project X with a weekly action of 1 inspection and 2 observations is better than adding Jim to various projects he does not have any Weekly Actions assigned.  It is important to note that only ORG members will be factored into your Safesite score.  


By default the Safesite score factors all safety actions, even ones you may not use yet. So make sure admins set weekly safety actions for all personnel to reach expectations. Once Weekly Actions are set, personnel will know what to complete for the week via Action Cards  Keeping everyone in the loop on what needs to be done and what has been completed will ensure expectations are met.

It is important to note that Org Admins can now customize which safety actions (inspections, meetings, etc.) are factored into the calculation of the Safesite Score by navigating to Organization -- Settings -- Score Management as shown here.

Most importantly, keep personnel accountable for completion of their Weekly Actions.  Admins can utilize our Project, Group or Leaderboard Dashboard to see in real-time who is fulfilling their weekly actions requirement.

Safesite Score Factors

Follow the guidance below and set Weekly Actions for your personnel to earn a high Safesite Score: 


  • Personnel assigned to project complete regular inspections
  • Raise and resolve hazards applied to inspections                                                    


  • Ensure all Org members are completing all assigned actions whether they are safe or risk                                                                                                                                        
  • Raise and resolve regular hazards
  • Ensure hazards are resolved as quickly as possible


  • Engage in regular safety meetings and maximize attendance                                                
  • Add, maintain and inspect equipment as required and on time                                            
  • Log, manage and close out incident reports promptly
  • Add root causes and resolve any hazards attached

Frequently asked questions

Why is my score still so low?
By default your score is a mix of all actions in the system, in order to achieve a high score you will need to use them all.  However, applying weekly actions to all Org members on the most frequently used actions will ensure high score. 

Can I customize what safety actions are used to calculate the score?
Yes, as shown in the screenshot below, if you navigate to Organization -- Settings -- Score Management you can turn On/Off safety actions accordingly. Turning Off a specific safety action means personnel can stil access the action. but the dashboard will not factor it when calculating the score. 

Which personnel does the score take into account?
Currently only Org Members will be factored into the score. To learn more about user roles click here.

What can I do to maintain a high score?

Engagement → 

  • Make sure you assign actions to all (as many) personnel to on a project (give example of maybe 1 action type per personnel, if you have 5 personnel on a project make sure you assign 1 inspection, 1 hazard, 1 meeting, etc. per week)
  • See engagement section for more

Expectation → 

  • Make sure you’re using all modules
  • Make sure hazards are closed out fast/appropriately
  • When doing Inspections, Add Hazards when appropriate

Any personnel assigned to a project should have weekly actions applied.  For instance, if there are 4 Org Members on a project adding 1- inspection, 1- hazard and or 1- meeting will ensure a good mix of actions.  Adding hazards to an inspections and ensuring it is resolved in the recommended time frame is a great way to maintain a higher grade.  You can vary the actions per user if necessary so if Bob is a Project Admin and will conduct just meetings you can apply this action just to his profile.  Making sure that actions are segmented to the individuals who will actually perform them will keep the score balanced.

Do archived items affect my score?
Archived items will not factor into your score, once an item is archived you will need to unarchive it in order to have it appear in your reporting.  

Why is my score N/A?
When a project has no activity for 40 days you score will revert to an N/A with a 'no recent activity' label shown.

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