Templates are available for Project Admins to designate for Inspections and Meetings on assigned projects.
*Note: Project Admins can view templates and toggle them on/off. They cannot edit, archive or delete them those rights are available for Organization admins.

Use the steps below to locate and manage your templates.

  1. Click the Project Details tab on the menu.

2. Select Templates.

3. Click Inspections or Meetings.

4. Select the template from the list to toggle it on/off.

More about Inspection templates

Within inspections, you'll find your organization's Inspection Template Register.  To learn more about creation of inspection templates click here

More about Meeting templates

Under meetings, you'll find your organization meeting topics library which is a list of meeting agenda items you can use to keep your project meetings on track.  To learn more about creating meeting templates click here.

If you would like to know more about our hierarchy in regards to rights and privileges click here

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