Log in to www.safesitehq.com and select a project from the top-left dropdown menu. Select the Organization tab on the left-hand menu. Next, select Templates, then click Meeting.

You will be brought to the Organization Meeting Topics page. Here you will find a list of all previously created meeting templates (topics) for your organization. To start creating a new template, click the Create Template button in the top-right corner of the screen.

You will be brought to the Meeting Topic Creation page. Start by typing in a name for the meeting, then click Add Meeting Topics.

In the Add Topic window, type out the details of a topic for your meeting template in the provided textbox. When finished, select the Add button to add it to the template. Repeat this process for as many topics as you like.

When you are finished adding topics, select the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen. The new meeting template will now appear in the list of available templates.

Back on the Organization Meeting Topics page, select the Publish button next to your new template to select the projects you wish to add it to. You can also click the Set Default button to set it as a default meeting template. Default templates will automatically be added to any new project created for your organization.

Clicking the Publish button will open the project selection dialog. Simply click the projects on the left-hand list you wish to add the template to, and they will be added to the list on the right. You can also click Add All at the bottom-left corner to select all projects in your organization. When you're finished selecting projects, click Publish in the bottom-right and the new template will go live.

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