Log in to www.safesitehq.com and select a project from the top-left dropdown menu. Next, select the Project tab on the left-hand menu, then select Settings.

You will be brought to the Project Details and Settings page. Here you can view and edit the project's basic information, assign new Project Administrators and personnel, as well as add the project to one or more Reporting Groups.  *Please note asterisks imply that the information is mandatory.  Time zone will effect notifications so please ensure the are applied correctly.  For more on notifications click here.

You will find the project's 4-digit PIN under the Project Details section of the page. 

You can edit the PIN from here if you wish, though it is not recommended to do this too often to avoid confusion for new personnel and admins joining the project.

To learn more on "how to find a Project Pin" click here to watch our video tutorial.  

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